Free Loading

© 2014 Hanspeter Kunz

cruising through the endless night - travelling at the speed of light
there were and will be only empty days
since years we have been on course - no responsibility, no remorse
for us there will be only lonely ways

headed to reach another land - we will get there just as planned
we left our sun - after we consumed our earth and had our fun
our only freight is light - it's real weight is fright
it isn't right but it is already too late

we are the space raiders
pan-galactic crusaders
I wouldn't want to be among those
discovered by us humans

universal crash pilots
inter-planetary pirates
for all our superior science
we are just freeloading primates

we have arrived
our fighters revived
spreading like a pest
you can guess the rest

hello strangers, those who are about to die salute you
there's nothing else we can do

you are aliens, and you are alien to each other
there is no point so we don't bother

we are being killed by those that are already dead
it seems to be the price we have to pay

it seems sad, and yes it is
but the price you pay is much higher

what lies ahead for you is without deliverance
hopeless desire for more

more what? you do not even know
emptyness is the only fire and it will grow

say hello to us space raders
pan-galactic crusaders
those who are about to die salute you

hello and goodbye crash pilots
inter-planetary pirates
hail to the freeloading primates

and it will never end
until the universe is spent